Microsoft Tools

Maximizing Productivity with Outlook, OneNote, To Do, Sticky Note Training

This combo training expose participants to the business information management features of Outlook, rich experience of OneNote as digital note App.

To do and Sticky Notes for task scheduling and write quick notes across your favorite devices be it Windows, Android or Mac.

Audience Profile:

 This course is intended for Business Users, Secretaries at all levels, Personal Assistant and Customer Service Personnel of organizations


Participants must have a Windows 10 Operating System on their Systems

Here are the learning paths in this series:

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Outlook (Basic)
  2. Composing E-mail Messages
  3. Sending & Receiving Emails
  4. Organizing E-mail Messages
  5. Message Layout & Reading Options
  6. Contacts
  7. Calendar
  8. Scheduling Meetings
  9. Task
  10. Notes, Recall & Attachment Size
  11. E-mail Message Options
  12. Insert Advanced Characters & Objects
  13. Locating Outlook Items
  14. Advanced Calendar Settings
  15. Journal
  16. Managing Tasks
  17. Sharing Calendars, Contacts, Mails and Folders
  18. Personalizing E-mail
  19. Organizing Outlook Items
  20. Managing Data Files
  21. Advanced Contact
  22. Save & Archive
  23. Offline & Data Profile
  24. Rules and Automation
  25. Advanced Customization and working with data
  1. An Introduction to One Note
  2. Getting Started with OneNote 2016
  3. Adding Content
  4. Formatting Notes
  5. Organizing Content
  6. Formatting Pages
  7. Working with Templates
  8. Using Drawing Tools
  9. Interacting with outlook
  10. Sharing a Notebook
  11. Collaborating on a Notebook
  12. Setting OneNote Options
  13. Other Versions of OneNote
  • Using OneNote Online
  • Working with OneNote Mobile app
  1. Getting Started
    • What is Microsoft To Do
    • Versions and System requirements
    • Accessing To Do
    • Basics
    • Inbuilt List and Smart Lists
    • Creating a Task

  2. To Do Tasks
    • Adding Steps to a Task
    • Adding Tasks to My Day
    • Next day view of My Day list
    • Marking a Task as Important
    • Adding Reminder to a Task
    • Adding Due date for a Task
    • Adding recurring Due tasks
    • Picking a Category
    • Adding Notes, Hashtags and Attachments
    • Assigned to you List
    • Flagged email List
    • Sorting Tasks in a List
    • Searching for Tasks
    • Deleting a Task
    • Creating Template Lists

  3. Advanced Concepts
    • Creating a Custom List
    • Sharing a List
    • Working with Shared Lists
    • Sharing Multiple Accounts
    • Grouping Lists
    • Personalizing Lists
    • Settings
  1. Get started with Sticky Notes
  2. Open the Sticky Notes App
  3. Sign in and sync your sticky notes
  4. Create a new note
  5. Format a note
  6. Add picture to the note
  7. Add content to your Sticky Notes
  8. Change the appearance of your notes
  9. Search your notes
  10. See your sticky notes on other devices and the web
  11. Share your Sticky Notes.
  12. Delete the Sticky Notes